Trader Nexus is a repository of information on trading. Trader Nexus is produced by, Richard Dale, a trader based in Perth, Western Australia. I trade stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange, NYSE and NASDAQ, and more recently also trade spot FOREX. I am also a director of Norgate Investor Services, which provides end-of-day stock, futures and forex data to traders. For fun, I like to go flying in my Grumman Tiger.


I have developed a number of tools for Metastock that other traders may consider useful. I provide them here completely free-of-charge.

Advanced Trailing Stop - this trailing stop is based on the Chandelier Stop developed by Chuck Le Beau. It is a volatility-based stop that works using ATR multiples (although you can adapt it yourself to use other forms). It works on both long and short trades. People who have attended the Perth Metastock Users Group and the Perth Sunday Traders Club may have seen me use this. I've refined it a bit and packaged it up suitable for everybody to try it out.

Nexus Date Plugin - this filter allows you to exclude stocks that have not traded recently. It works on calendar days. This is perfect for stocks that have gone into long-term suspension - now you can filter them from your exploration results.

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