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The Nexus Date Plugin was developed by Richard Dale due to a limitation of MetaStock when running explorations on stocks that are no longer active. It is available FREE - no catches.

What are Explorations?

MetaStock has a feature called Explorations which allow you to filter across a wide range of data and end up with only those trading instruments that fit your criteria. For example, you can write an exploration which shows you all securities which closed above their 50 day moving average. Explorations can be heavily customised to show exactly what you define. Explorations are perhaps the most powerful feature of MetaStock.

So what is the limitation in MetaStock?

When MetaStock provides the results of the exploration , it is based upon the last date in that chart. If that stock hasn't traded for a year, and passes the filter of your exploration, it will come up in your results. This is most frustrating. There is no easy way in MetaStock to know the age of the stock. Until now.

With this plugin you can add an additional condition into your exploration... ie Only show this stock in the exploration results if it has traded within the last X calendar days (where you can choose the value of X)


eg. Your filter currently shows only securities that have closed above their 50 day moving average.

ie. C > MOV(C,50,S)

To incorporate this plugin where only stocks that have traded within the last 5 calendar days, simply add ExtFml( "NexusDate.DaysOld") < 5 into the filter.

ie. C > MOV(C,50,S) AND ExtFml( "NexusDate.DaysOld") < 5

It's that simple!


It's something I use in my own personal trading. Developing in Visual C++ with the Metastock Developer's Kit is something very few people have the skills to perform and I thought I'd give something back to the rest of the trading community. Perhaps you'll also consider subscribing to Premium Data if you want reliable end-of-day data.

I do not intend to ever commercialise this plugin - I'm happy for anybody and everybody to use it for free. If you really like this plugin and desparately want to pay for it, give the money you think it's worth to a charity.

Are any of the indicators password protected?

None of indicators are password protected - you may edit and modify it to suit your trading style.

Send your questions to:


Only works back to dates after 1 January 1970. Since this plugin is to be used primarily for recent data this shouldn't be a problem.


I'm interested in your feedback. Let me know what you think of this Metastock add-in at


In this day and age of litigation, everybody wants to blame someone else when things don't go to plan.

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In short, I guarantee that you will lose money in the market. If you do not lose money in the market as a result of this web site or any tools that are provided then give some of it to a charity.


Before you download, read the disclaimer above. You may only download the following files if you agree to the disclaimer.

Nexus Date Metastock Plugin v1.0 (156K download)

The above files will automatically install the NexusDate DLL into Metastock, along with the following:

Indicator: Nexus*DaysOld
Explorer: Nexus*CurrentStocks

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